Frequently Asked Questions

   1. I want to go fast. How can I get started?
   2. I'm not sure my car is fast enough for the track. Can I still sign up?
   3. I already have a car. Is there anything special I need to do before I can get on track?
   4. I know how to get to the track, but is there anything special I should bring with me when I go?
   5. I certainly don't plan to have an accident during the weekend but, if I do, will my auto insurance cover me?
   6. I'm interested in high speed driving but I've never done anything like this before. Do you have any tips for a newbie?
   7. It's easy to run flat out in a straight line. How hard can it really be to take a turn?
   8. I've often seen track workers waving flags about. Are these just pretty colors or do they actually mean something?
   9. I hear other drivers talking about driving in 10ths. 8/10ths, 9/10ths, 10/10ths. What's this all about?
   10. I've read through all the tips but I'm still not clear on some of the terminology. Is there anything else that can help?
   11. I've driven over speed bumps and potholes before but, is it a good idea to run over my own front splitter on the track?

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